Pillar candle – 10 cm

Natural pillar candle in the shape of a cylinder. Handmade in Poland from rapeseed wax and a cotton wick, unscented.

+ natural rapeseed wax
+ eco-friendly cotton wick
+ raw materials not tested on animals
+ suitable for allergy sufferers
+ made by hand


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The glow of a candle flame completely transforms the interior – the living room becomes more atmospheric, the bedroom extremely intimate, and the terrace atmospheric.

Our collection of pillar candles is a natural alternative to the paraffin candles. Handmade in Poland from rapeseed wax and natural cotton wick, they guarantee an exceptionally long burn and a magical atmosphere in the room. The simple, elegant form will match any interior.

Opt for classic, natural and noble simplicity – surround yourself with warm light and beautiful, minimalist grapeseed wax candles.

Additional information


~390 g


ø 67 mm x H: 105 mm

Burning time:

up to 50 hours


1. Always follow the safety rules for burning a pillar candle.
2. When burning the candle, use a pad that will protect the surface on which the candle is placed.
3. Burn the candle until the wax melts over the entire surface (about 3 hours). This is especially important during the first use of the candle to avoid the undesirable “burning pool” effect.
4. Trim the wick to a length of approx. 0.5 cm each time before starting to burn. If the wick becomes brittle, remove its parts from the wax.
5. If necessary, break off the sides of the candle to a length of about 1 cm.
6. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours so as not to overheat the wax.
7. Store the candle at room temperature, away from any sources of heat and direct exposure to sunlight.
8. Extinguish the candle by covering the wick with a special candle extinguisher.
9. Never burn the candle till the end, when the candle has a height of about 5 cm of wax, it’s time to stop burning it.



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